I used to work as a delivery driver. I made regular delivers to a shop in Roseville, ca. Several years later Dan Gamel moved in next door to the company I supplied for, the two companies now shared a parking lot.

He found my delivery schedule to be an inconvenience for him. So Mr. Gamel began calling the company I worked for. He kept complaining to my boss that I speed, Claiming I travel well above the speed limit. He worked diligently to get me fired for his convenience! he did this for several months.

What Mr. Gamel didn't know is that I had been working for this company for 8 years with no other complaints on speeding, only his. What he also didn't know is our company had all the delivery vehicles equipped with GPS. My boss could see a record of all places traveled as well as speeds. Dan Gamel Failed to get me fired, he only succeeded at showing an entire company that he was a dishonest ***. A dishonest salesman trying to get an honest, WORKING man fired, with no regard for their family's financial welfare.

Straight to the point, don't buy from inconsiderate dishonest people.

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