Dan Gamel RV - Run away from Dan Gamel.

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I was never an employee or customer of DG, but I did work for a local bank at which DG had several accounts. The bank manager and I made an appointment to go talk to DG about his company's retirement program.

We showed up 10 minutes early. DG's office was just off the reception area. 10 minutes go by. Nothing.

He walks in and out of his office, walking right by us and never acknowledging us at all. 10 more minutes goes by. Hello? We're still here...

10 more minutes, we're now 20 minutes past our appointment time. Still sitting there. DG still walking in and out acting like we were potted plants. Finally after 30 minutes of being ignored, his secretary said "He's busy".

Wow. In 30 years of sales I've never seen a more rude customer/prospect/whatever. This guy is a piece of work. That episode was in the 1980's.

I never forgot it.

I don't think I've ever encountered a bigger *** than Dan Gamel. He deserves what the law threw at him for the illegal kickback scheme he got in trouble for.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "being ignored for 45 minutes." of other product. Dan Gamel RV needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Dan Gamel RV - Dan Gamel is dishonest.

Roseville, California 0 comments

I used to work as a delivery driver. I made regular delivers to a shop in Roseville, ca. Several years later Dan Gamel moved in next door to the company I supplied for, the two companies now shared a parking lot.

He found my delivery schedule to be an inconvenience for him. So Mr. Gamel began calling the company I worked for. He kept complaining to my boss that I speed, Claiming I travel well above the speed limit. He worked diligently to get me fired for his convenience! he did this for several months.

What Mr. Gamel didn't know is that I had been working for this company for 8 years with no other complaints on speeding, only his. What he also didn't know is our company had all the delivery vehicles equipped with GPS. My boss could see a record of all places traveled as well as speeds. Dan Gamel Failed to get me fired, he only succeeded at showing an entire company that he was a dishonest ***. A dishonest salesman trying to get an honest, WORKING man fired, with no regard for their family's financial welfare.

Straight to the point, don't buy from inconsiderate dishonest people.

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Dan Gamel RV Has Very Rude And Inconsiderate Salesman

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Not too long ago, I had decided to by an RV. After all the advertising on television from Dan Gamels RV, I went to Dan Gamel.

I asked about financing, and the salesman started being rude. I asked about interest and all he said was "You will pay a bunch". He wouldnt give any straight answers, so when he walked into the office to look up how much the down would be, we walked off never to return. He was rude, inconsiderate, and taught us that Dan Gamels is not the family friendly atmosphere like they advertise, and it is not place to go.

Needless to say, we found a new 5th wheel at an incredible price by a private seller, and we just wanted to say thank you Dan Gamel! If it werent for you and your rude staff, we might have never found the RV we are using now!

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Dan Gamel RV - Rip-off

Ducor, California 5 comments
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I bought the MVP also from Dan Gamel in Redding when we purchased our Motor Home. When I tried to call I couldn't get anyone to answer I was calling the Fresno Office.

I remember asking about them about going out of business the finance manager said no. I didn't want to purchase the plan if they were.

so I'm also stuck with a loss of $2800.00 dollars.

If anyone has had any luck resolving this let me know. I also have a friend that purchased the MVP plan and they are also not very happy...

Review about: Mvp.

Monetary Loss: $2800.


Fresno, California, United States #777495

I have info for people that got ripped off. I know that dàn gamble has been payung most of his employees under the table.

In addition, there is creative accounting. Little or no sales tax is paid to the state on sales.


If you get any help let us know, we were ripped off too....


We have the same MVP contract also. Luckily we wrote in the contract for the as long as we owned the motorhome...Bought in 1998 and gamel has stood behind it ever since except for now. Hope something happens


same complaint


Any thought of looking into a class action lawsuit, if appropriate?

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Dan Gamel RV - Dan Gamel's No Service

Clovis, California 1 comment

Upon taking delivery of a 2006 Fleetwood Gearbox Toy Hauler Model 335 FS I have been plagued with nothing but problems. Major water issues and now a bad power converter.

What's worse is that every time I take it in for repairs Dan Gamel's causes more damage than it went in for. (Caved in the roof, water damage, body damage, etc.)

I have now had to cancel two vacations and numerous trips because they can't get the repairs completed.

I'm glad they are going out of business, I don't want to see anymore customers get burned.

As for the trailer.... It's being traded in, I couldn't look a person in the eye and say it's a great unit.

Review about: 2006 Fleetwood Gearbox.



It is sad that Dan Gamel RV is gone out of business. Just the thought of all those workers losing their jobs.

Dan Gamel RV - Pissed Also

Las Vegas, Nevada 21 comments

Dan Gamel is going out of business and he has sold 1000's MVPs. That is $2000 for a coating every year plus wash jobs for 4 years.

I am trying to find everyone affected and see a laywer. He is closing all of this stores all through Ca. There must be many people out there that have paid good money for this service that we will not get. I have been calling them at the Fresno Number and the line just goes dead after 3-4 minutes.

If you bought this MVP let me know. We need our money back


Review about: Defective Sales Practice.


Shasta Lake, California, United States #1190324




Red Bluff, California, United States #688068

I also Got Screwed by the Gambling Dan Gamel the Man should be in Prison for ripping off all of us unknowing costumers I am sure he Knew he was filling bankruptcy when he sold us the Bill of Goods. MVP TYRON Inserts and other promises his company made .

I also looked at my contract a few months ago and found out that they had changed the agreed upon interest rate to more than 16 % the agreed apr was 6.9%. That is my two cents worth.

If anyone has found a solution I would like to join in. Darwin Brown darn772008@hotmail.net :( :( :( :cry

Fresno, California, United States #585130

My wife & I visited the Fresno location on Hwy 99 in Fresno, CA. The sales guys was an absolute ***! I told him, eye to eye that I was there to;

1. do my research on the best type, size, and options. He got whiney!

2. I wanted my wife tosee the difference between the various models. he got bitchy!

3. I told him again we were doing research and the purchase will not accur until summer of 2013. He got mean, rude, attitude, childish, and talked down to me in front of my wife thinking I'd back track and buy an RV from him. Absolute ***!


We bought our fifth wheel at the Dan Gamel RV center in Rocklin, CA in Jan. 08 and also bought the MVP with it.We had our rig in their service ctr.

in the twice since the purchase. Durning the second visit, we were called and told it was ready. We picked up the rig and it was a mess. Two days later they closed the service ctr.

w/o any notice prior. We fought with them to get a refund for the MVP w/o resolve because they still had service centers in operation. We finally made an appointment months ahead for the service in Anderson on 6/23/09. They called us in May 09 and said our appoint.

was cancelled due to them closing & we were to call Fresno. They were closed too.

I am still actively tryhing to resolve this matter. They have committed outright fraud.


We also purchased a new RV in 08 with the MVP and so far have nothing to show for it. What a rip off.


we're angry to. If any ones does anything count us in


I bought a new RV in 2-08. I too was screwed with the MVP BS.

However, my problem is bigger than that. My motorhome shacks like crazy when I hit a pot hole in the road. I took it in many times to Dan Gamels prior to thier close. I took it to Ford in Ceres and Fresno and they can not find the problem.

I have a five yr warranty, but can not find anyone to fix the problem.

Any Ideas? Mark 602-7960


I bought my RV at the Salida location and now I am in the same boat es everybody else. I hope something is going to be done about this.


We just read your post. It would be great if we all got refunded, but we personally do not have the money to hire a lawyer to get our money back on the MVP. I guess it is one of those times when a person can say, "Life is not fair." You would not believe (or maybe you would) the FULL story of what Gamble did to us when we bought our motorhome!!!


I think they were being sued left and right. I know I was contacted a few years back regarding a class action against them.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #87505

Has anyone suited this ***?

we should try.....


I've been looking for someone who is trying to do something about the MVP contracts. I bought one and can't get anyone to answer the phone. Contact me with info.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #69480

pissed too


I have never owned an RV but I remember 10-15 years ago Dan Gamel had to close his stores because of Motor Registration fraud. I was really surprised to see him come back into Bakersfield.


:( They failed to forward a GAP insurance contact I bought with my new RV. The RV was totaled and now I have no GAP insurance on the RV.

Even the lien holder is scratching their heads over this one.

If you bought GAP insurance and paid for it, which I did, you might want to call the company and see if your covered just in case. Dan Gamel's pocketed my money and screwed us big time!


IF I had the money I would get legal help and send them back to the stone age. There should be more protection for the consumer.

Calling the bbb doesnt do much. Companies should be held responsible for running out on customers and their money.

I like looking out for the underdog so to speak. Does anyone know if they are going to be liable or if theres a way to stop this?


I bought an RV from Dan Gamble at their Rocklin California store in May 0f 2008. The RV was taken in for warranty work at the end of May.

I never heard back from them and the warranty paperwork was never submitted and now guess what? That repair shop is closed.

In talking with Dan Gamble their response is so sad, so bad. Someboby should hold them accountable

Elma, Iowa, United States #29629

After calling corp office and submitting a complaint on the BBB, we got a refund for our mvp. It took alot of calls but they finally gave us a refund.

Marske-By-The-Sea, England, United Kingdom #25977

The dealer cost on the MVP (industry slang is "mop and glop") chemicals are free. they pay the labor to apply the chemical (cleaners at min.

wage) and they do pay for an insurance policy in case something does happen to the paint although I think it caps out at $1500 (it works out to about $8 per foot. for example a 40 foot rv times $8 = $320).

The MVP was sold for years with lifetime washes 2 per month and 1 time per year reapplication of the chemicals with a good detail cleaning.

FYI: each salesperson forwards you to the F&I manager to do the paperwork. He or she is to make an AVERAGE of $5000 profit on your purchase by selling you a service contract (average cost $500), MVP, points on the loan, gap insurance (average cost $250) and a tire "run flat" package (average cost $300.) Hope this helps you in your effort to get some money.

Elma, Iowa, United States #21399

Dan Gamel's in Bakersfield will not honor their MVP washes or details. We tried to make our appointment two weeks ago and the said they couldnt fit us in till early July, now they have closed up shop on us.

Elma, Iowa, United States #21397

We purchased the MVP here in Bakersfield last Sept when we bought our trailer. We have two friends that did as well. Have had no luck getting any info from Dan Gamels here in Bakersfield

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